Intermediate Python and Data Analysis Workshop


Do you already know a little Python? Do you want to learn a little more? Take your programming skills to the next level in this free, two-day workshop on Python and data analysis. Develop your Python knowledge. Learn about functions, classes and modules. Discover how to structure, document and test your code. Explore how to use Git for version control, and how to use Python for data analysis and graphing via NumPy, SciPy, MatPlotLib and Pandas. This course is open to staff and postgraduate researchers from any discipline from all four GW4 institutions (the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter).

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Workshop outline

Connect to the workshop cloud Jupyter server

Day one (7th December)

Day two (8th December)

Note that each session will start at the indicated time, so please ensure that you arrive promptly.


You will need to have a basic knowledge of Python and an awareness of version control and/or Git to attend this workshop. If you are comfortable with the concepts covered in, and you are aware of the Git commands git commit, and git add then you should have no problems.

You will need to bring a wifi-enabled laptop on which you have a modern web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer >= 10 or Edge). This is because we will be using Jupyter to run the entire workshop from within your web browser. Unfortunately, Opera is not supported.

Both eduroam and The Cloud wireless services will be available on the day and you must be able to connect to one of these. If you think you will have difficulties setting up your laptop, then please ensure you arrive early on Thursday so that we have time to help you get connected before the workshop starts.

You should also have created free GitHub and Travis accounts before attending this workshop, and be sure to link your Travis account to your GitHub account (e.g. using the “Sign in with GitHub” button on the Travis homepage). Note that a Bitbucket or GitLab account is not sufficient, as the Git lesson will involve everyone working in a shared GitHub repository, and the continuous integration lesson will show you how to connect GitHub to Travis.


Attendees are responsible for arranging their own accommodation and their own meals. There are many hotels and cafes/restaurants within walking distance of the venue.


Chris Edsall, Christopher Woods, Lester Hedges and Matt Williams are all Research Software Engineers (RSEs) working in the Advanced Computing Research Centre at the University of Bristol. They have extensive experience of using Python for data analysis in real research contexts.

Feedback Survey

Please complete the short feedback survey once you have attended the workshop.

This workshop is being organised by the Research Data Service, which helps researchers manage, store and share their research data with the world.