We have now covered enough that we can use OpenMP to parallelise a map/reduce style calculation. In this case, the problem we will solve will be calculating the total interaction energy between each ion in an array of ions with a single reference ion. Passed into this function will be the reference ion, and an array of ions. The algorithm performed for each ion in the array will be;

In terms of map/reduce, our algorithm would look like this;

Here are incomplete pieces of code that implement this algorithm (note that this is to provide an example of how map/reduce can be used - you don’t need to complete this code);

Note that the amount of OpenMP in these examples is very low (just 2-3 lines). This is quite common for OpenMP programs - most of the work of parallelisation is organising your code so that it can be parallelised. Once it has been organised, you then only need to add a small number of OpenMP directives.

Compile the above programs, and try running them using different numbers of threads.

Compare with MPI

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