1. April 2017, Bath Lecture, “How to Design and Engineer Good Research Software”, Download PowerPoint | Download PDF

  2. April 2017, Hartree Seminar, “University-level Research Software Engineering”, Download PowerPoint | Download PDF

  3. April 2017, 253rd ACS National Meeting and Exposition, “Understanding protein-ligand binding at the molecular level: Using swap-based methods to visualise binding free energy components” Download PowerPoint | Download PDF

  4. January 2017, University of Warwick Seminar, “What is good research software? How can it be engineered? Is it deliverable within academia?” Download PowerPoint | Download PDF

  5. January 2017, JISC Research Software Management Workshop. “Lessons from Publishing Sire” Download PowerPoint

  6. September 2016, First Conference for Research Software Engineers. “Using Task-Based Parallelism to Accelerate Rational Drug Design”. Download PowerPoint | Download PDF

  7. July 2016, Intel Code Modernization Workshop. “Using Task-Based Parallelism to Accelerate Rational Drug Design”. Download Powerpoint | Download PDF

  8. June 2016, CCPBiosim workshop. “Drug design using Monte Carlo - How black should the box be?”. Download Keynote | Download PDF

  9. October 2015, CECAM Macromolecular simulation software workshop. “How Who is the What, When and Why of Software (Engineering, Sustainability, Development)”. Download Keynote | Download PDF

  10. July 2014, EMBO 2014. View Monte Carlo | View QM/MM