Map/Reduce : Answer to exercise 1

import sys
from functools import reduce
from multiprocessing import Pool

def count_lines_in_file(filename):
    Function that returns the number of lines
    of text in the file 'filename'
    with open(filename) as f:
        return len(f.readlines())

def print_result(filename, nlines):
    """Function to print out the number of lines"""
    print("%s contains %s lines" % (filename, nlines))

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # get all of the names of the plays from the command line
    filenames = sys.argv[1:]

    with Pool() as pool:
        # map the count_lines function against all of the
        # files listed in "filenames"
        play_line_count =, filenames)

        # now print out the results (can also be a map)
        pool.starmap(print_result, zip(filenames, play_line_count))

    total = reduce(lambda x, y: x + y, play_line_count)
    print("The total number of lines is %s." % total)

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