#About this Website

This website has been built using the following components:

In addition, the website is built using:

You can create your own copy of this website by installing Python, Pandoc and git, and then cloning the site using the command;

git clone https://github.com/chryswoods/siremol.org.git

This will create a directory called siremol.org. Change into the chryswoods.com directory within this directory using;

cd siremol.org/chryswoods.com

You can then build the HTML for the website using;

python pandoc/convert_to_html.py .

If you only want to build the HTML for a specific directory, e.g. main, then type

python pandoc/convert_to_html.py main

You can then look at the HTML, e.g. open /path/to/siremol.org/chryswoods.com/index.html in your browser.


This website is hosted in the UK using Xilo.net. I have used Xilo since 2006 and never had any problems. Their support staff are quick, very friendly and very supportive. Hosting is very inexpensive and, from experience of hosting large teaching sessions, I know that their servers can stand up to a heavy load. Xilo also handle all of my domain name registrations.

As mentioned above, version control for the website is hosted on GitHub. If you aren’t already using version control, then you should! GitHub or BitBucket both provide excellent hosting services and extra tools, and git is a pretty decent version control solution (say I, as a former CVS and SVN user…!).