That’s all we have for this workshop. By now you should have a better understanding of the building blocks of R and the tidyverse that are used for statistical programming, data science and data analysis and visualisation.

In this workshop we have covered:

What’s next?

Once you’re comfortable with the material in this course you will be ready to start using R and the tidyverse for real data analysis. We will have upcoming workshops on “Introduction to Data Analysis with R” and “Advanced Data Analysis with R” which will be linked here when ready.

Hadley Wickham and the tidyverse project have done an excellent job of producing lots of great documentation and tutorials for R. I highly recommend reading the free online books;

The best thing about R is the R community. I also strongly recommend you look for R meetups, workshops or forums. Notable R communities include;

There are many more community groups listed here.


This workshop was inspired by Intermediate Python, although quickly deviated away due to the relative strengths and different application areas of R and Python.

All text is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License with all code snippets licensed as MIT.

The source for the material can be found on GitHub where fixes are welcome.