Welcome to a short course which will introduce you to some more of the R programming language. The aim of this workshop is to build on Beginning R, and to then introduce enough of the language that you will be ready to learn how to use R to perform data analysis and visualisation (e.g. as will be covered in Introduction to Data Analysis with R).

You can jump ahead to any chapter:

  1. String formatting - walkthrough video
  2. Packages and CRAN - walkthrough video
  3. Functions - walkthrough video
  4. data.frame - walkthrough video
  5. Tidyverse - walkthrough video
  6. %>% Forward pipe - walkthrough video
  7. Summary - walkthrough video

For the purposes of this workshop we will be using RStudio. If you haven’t installed and got RStudio working, then please follow the instructions in the Beginning R workshop.

Setting up your workspace

Start RStudio on your computer. This should open a window that looks something like this: