EMBO 2014


Welcome to the website that supports the Monte Carlo and QM/MM parts of the EMBO 2014 summer school in Biomolecular Simulation. My name is Christopher Woods and I work at the Center for Computational Chemistry at the University of Bristol.

On this website you will find support material for my lectures on Monte Carlo and QM/MM. These pages contain a PDF with all of the slides in the lecture, together with a full transcript of what I will be saying to accompany each slide. This may be helpful if you want to read along with my talk, or if you want to review the material at a later date. The lecture pages also contain support files that I will discuss during each lecture.

In addition, you will also find a link to the QM/MM Monte Carlo practical. This contains a complete description of the practical and all of the input files. All of the software used is open source and readily available on Linux and Mac. As this website will remain available after the workshop, you are free to download the files and perform the practical at home (if you are interested ;-)).

Finally, if you want a local copy, the file embo2014.tgz contains a complete copy of all of the webpages on this site.